MSP believes business figures provide optimism

LOCAL MSP Graeme Dey has welcomed figures showing a sizeable increase in the number of new business start-ups in Angus.

Figures produced by the Business Gateway service show that across the county, for the period April-August this year, 101 new businesses were launched with their support compared to 76 for the corresponding period last year and 54 in 2009.

Mr Dey said: “These latest start-up figures are 33 per cent up on 2010 and almost 90 per cent up on the previous year which is very encouraging. In these difficult economic times it is good to see so many people showing ambition and entrepreneurship here in Angus.

“Only last week I was delighted l to be able to attend the opening of the new Angus Centre for Enterprise at Angus College, which aims to encourage and support would be entrepreneurs across the county.

“The SNP government has also just published its budget which will ensure Scotland remains the most business-friendly environment in the UK, with the most generous package of rates relief worth on average more than £500 million per annum over the 2010/15 revaluation cycle.”

He continued: “At the heart of communities across Angus small businesses are the lynchpin of the local economy, and the SNP’s Small Business Bonus Scheme has provided much needed support in these hard economic times.

“To see the business start-up figures improving in recent times is very heartening, and I am hopeful that in Angus we can lead the way in maintaining and expanding our enterprise areas.”