MP attacks Cliffburn Post Office plan

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Angus MP Mike Weir has slammed Post Office Limited for what he calls the “drip by drip” revelations of changes in Post Office services in Angus.

His comment comes after the announcement that Arbroath Cliffburn is the latest to be modernised with the removal of security screens and services to be delivered from the till point.

Mr Weir said: “I cannot believe that the number of changes now coming to Angus is a coincidence and it is deeply frustrating that Post Office Limited have adopted a “drip by drip” attitude to these changes. This is doing absolutely nothing for their reputation.

“I have been in touch with them, even meeting senior representatives, to discuss the changes yet within days further changes are announced. This is deeply frustrating, to put it mildly. They do not seem able to come clean as to whether there is an overall plan, or indeed to take any recognition of community views prior to announcements.

“The community in Cliffburn have a very short time in which to make their views known through the public consultation, yet I am increasingly cynical as to whether such consultations make much difference anymore.”