Loo-king to make a ‘splash’ in the property market?

Toilets are up for sale
Toilets are up for sale

The old adage you have to spend a penny to make a penny could ring true for a savvy investor if they take on Angus Council’s latest deal.

Last year the authority carried out a review of public toilet service provision with the result that a number of facilities deemed a drain on resources were closed in February 2014, but now, these have been put on the property market.

Ferrier Street, Carnoustie, and West Links, Hamilton Green, Springfield and Old Shorehead in Arbroath have all recently been advertised for sale by Shepherd Chartered Surveyors.

And it appears you do not even need to be flush with cash to get your own slice of pungent real estate, as Angus Council is taking offers on the properties which range in rateable value for 2014 from £2,400 for Carnoustie up to £2,950 for West Links.

In total the council is divesting itself of nine former public conveniences throughout Angus, with another two in Forfar and two in Montrose.

But before you pooh-pooh the idea, according to the sales brochure the sites are suitable for a variety of alternative uses, subject to appropriate planning permission.

In his report Ian Cochrane, the head of technical and support services, stated: “It is proposed that Angus Council agrees to the public conveniences detailed in this report be declared surplus to requirement and authorise the Head of Technical and Property Services to market the properties for sale on the open market.”

Interested parties should contact Shepherd Chartered Surveyors.