Harry retires from Mackays

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After nearly 50 years in the industry well-known Arbroath man Harry Simpson retired today (Friday) from Mackays.

Harry (62) started his career at Mackays Boatbuildings, as it was then known, in the summer of 1967, and today stepped down as a director of the firm Mackay Boat Builders (Arbroath) Ltd.

Friends and colleagues threw a surprise party in the Commercial Inn and presented him with some thoughtful parting gifts and tokens of their appreciation including a painting of the yard from the 1960s, a signed picture of The Reaper which he has had so much to do with, a carving of traditional boatbuilding tools and lots of cards.

His daughter Lynn wrote and recited an amusing and heartfelt poem for Harry which was very well-received.

Harry said: “I left school at 15 with my elementary swimming certificate and my cycling proficiency and I started my apprenticeship running for the pieces and making tea and coffee and now I’m finishing up I’m back to making the coffee again, but in the office.”

He wished to extend his sincerest thanks to everyone who had worked with him, the staff, his business partner Duncan Crosbie, and his family.

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