Half a million facelift planned for West Links

ARBROATH’S West Links will be given a vibrant new look if a £500,000 upgrade is given the green light by Angus Council.

Councillor Peter Nield revealed this week that the much needed refurbishment is to be recommended to the local authority.

He added that he is optimistic the work which had been undertaken by Councillor David Fairweather, Councillor Jim Millar and himself is to bear fruit.

Councillor Nield continued: “We are delighted that our efforts are bringing rewards and hope that all councillors can support advanced spending due to equipment deterioration and the opportunity provided by the West Links Business Partnership.

“It has been widely reported, since a year ago when I pointed out the dangers of the equipment at the West Links, that it has been an ongoing determination of ours to get this very popular attraction upgraded. With the help of fellow councillors David Fairweather and Jim Millar, much work has been done to secure the West Links as an enjoyable area for both Arbroath residents and visitors.”

He went on: “David was instrumental in getting the business partnership off the ground and Jim Millar ensured his department took on board the urgent need for upgrade. People may recall that we said we would go knocking on business doors - we did just that.”

And Councillor Fairweather added that a refurbishment of the area was long overdue.

He commented: “It is no secret that we have been pushing to get this fabulous play area upgraded as soon as possible. It is excellent news to us that it may now go forward to council.”

Councillor Nield added: “Arbroath’s regeneration does not always mean investing in the town centre on premises we don’t own. If we can attract more visitors to the town, they, in turn, will spend more and business will thrive.”

If the green light is given, a significant capital outlay will have been made by the council on the gateway to the town.

“This project will bring the total investment in the Arbroath seafront area to nearly £1 million. We have so far spent £450,000 on the Signal Tower and Year of the Light, and £500,000 on the West Links,” revealed Councillor Nield.

“David, Jim and I have worked hard to secure investment in Arbroath while we have been in administration. This project and the refurbished Signal Tower will bring a greater experience to users.

With a number of economic ‘good news’ stories recently, Councillor Nield believes there is a feelgood factor about the town at the moment.

“It is clear Arbroath is moving in the right direction,” he stated. “We now have a number of successful new businesses, a town centre hotel, ASDA, KFC and new business start-ups.

Councillor Nield said: “We know recently that a couple of premises have closed down but let us hope it will not be long before new retailers come in – especially with the pull of another new supermarket.

“I am very optimistic that Arbroath is seeing the start of a recovery, and it is our job as councillors to keep that going and work in partnership with business to sustain that growth.”

Councillor Fairweather stated: “The additional investment in the West Links is another step in that right direction. We sincerely hope this item is on the council agenda and if so, that all councillors can support our vision for Arbroath.”

He concluded: “I am delighted that the Alliance has found the funds to support this worthwhile project and all our efforts have been recognised.”