Free nest removal offered

A seagull
A seagull

Are there gulls nesting at your home? Thanks to the resumption of an Angus Council service that nuisance may soon be gone.

From Wednesday, April 15, the local authority will resume its free gull egg and nest removal service which is available to householders and tenants.

And those affected by seagulls nesting at their homes are urged to get in contact while action can still be taken.

An Angus Council spokesperson said: “The free service is available during the period when gulls are typically building nests or have eggs in a nest.

“We encourage residents to make contact before the eggs have been laid as we are unable to undertake treatments after the eggs have hatched.

“For further information, or to have gull egg and nests removed, please contact ACCESSLine on 08452 777 778.”

Please note that this free service does not apply to commercial premises whichwill still be expected to deal with gull nests as part of their general maintenance programme and meet the cost involved.