End of the line for the Arbroath road train?

A favourite with local and visiting children alike is under scrutiny in the latest Angus Council budget.

The Arbroath road train costs the authority around £19,000 to run each year, and according to figures does not carry its own weight financially.

Angus Council’s finance convener, Councillor Alex King, explained: “It’s the same train that was registered in 1995. It’s almost 20 years old.

“For an income of £6,000 each year and our running cost are £19,000 – we’re getting to the point we are saying just what is this all doing?

“The Arbroath and Area Partnership looked at this in 2010 and a replacement road train would cost £80,000.

“The cost of replacing it is amazing. The council could not justify spending that amount of money on it.

“We can’t afford a pay £19,000 if wages, maintenance and fuel and anything else. If there’s a service provider that thinks they can make a profit on then fine.”

Updated estimates from Angus Council suggest that replacing the road train would actually cost in the region of £128,000 to replace.

In the summer the road train is a familiar sight giving visitors tours of the town.