Do you have your cancellation rights?

ANGUS Council trading standards service is reminding people to be sure to obtain their cancellation rights when they buy goods or services on the doorstep.

Many people find themselves buying goods or signing up for services, such as repair and maintenance, when traders turn up uninvited. A particular issue has been workmen offering to tar drives which householders may then regret agreeing to have done.

The Cancellation of Contracts Made In a Consumer’s Home or Place of Work Regulations 2008, provide buyers with cancellation rights in many circumstances.

Angus residents are reminded that if a trader visits them at their home, at work, or at another person’s home, and they agree to buy the goods or arrange for a service to go ahead without ever having been to the trader’s premises, then there may be an entitlement to cancellation rights.

The cancellation period is a period of seven days starting with the date a notice of right to cancel is received.

Those wishing to have the goods provided or the work started before the end of the cancellation period should request this in writing. Residents can still cancel within the cancellation period but will be due to pay any reasonable costs due to the trader up to that point.

Traders must tell their customers when they are entitled to cancel an agreement and the cancellation rights must be given in writing. If they don’t, the agreement is not enforceable and the trader is committing an offence.

Those with any questions about cancellation rights, or who want to make a complaint, should contact Angus Council trading standards by visiting an ACCESS office, by phoning the Angus Council ACCESSLine on 08452 777 778, or online through the Angus Council website