Council confirm day care move

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Angus Council has confirmed that day care services at Seaton Grove care home will be moving to Arbroath Town Mission from March 1.

A reader who contacted the Herald to highlight the issue said: “This seems to have been kept quiet as nobody seems to know much about it. I know my neighbours who go there weekly or twice weekly enjoy this facility as it gives them company as well as some personal care. I feel that seems to be falling on the Town Mission’s head as it will be the only place for people with dementia needs to go to.”

An Angus Council spokesperson said: “Day care services at Seaton Grove are being transferred to Arbroath Town Mission, as part of an agreed package of overall savings contained within the 2016-17 budget. The Town Mission is an existing provider. Arbroath has been the only Angus burgh to have two day care facilities, with neither facility being fully used. A drop in demand for day care places in Arbroath has followed the introduction of Self Directed Support and the increased choice it has brought for people using their allocated budget. From 1 March, those using Seaton Grove can be accommodated at the Town Mission. Lunch is provided as part of day care. If attendees are from Friockheim, they can choose to take advantage of available places at Dalhousie Day Care Centre in Brechin, with transport provided by a volunteer driver.

“We have contacted service users to inform them of the upcoming changes and open days are planned at the Town Mission in January for them. Care managers are also available to speak with them and provide any further information they require.

“There will be no impact on kitchen staff at Seaton Grove and no redundancies, with staff being redeployed within the residential service there.”