Blow to Letham as factory set to close


A major Letham employer will shut its doors but it is understood the majority of jobs can be saved.

The news was broken to staff on Wednesday that 1 Stop Halal chicken plant in Letham, was to enter into a 45 day consultation period, but it is hoped that 90 out of the 109 jobs can be salvaged.

Transfers are being offered to staff to the Coupar Angus-based 2 Sisters plant, a sister firm of 1 Stop Halal.

A similar assurance that contracts with Scottish chicken farmers will be taken on by the Perthshire operation has also been given.

The decision was reached on the back of a strategic business review which concluded that rather than continue transferring chickens on a 12 hour journey from Letham to the manufacturing plant in Haughley Park, Suffolk, the company would acquire an alternative slaughtering facility at Eye, close to Haughley Park.

Full story in the Arbroath Herald tomorrow.