Bus scheme for job seekers

STAGECOACH is backing a new initiative to help hundreds of thousands of jobseekers across the UK find employment by giving free bus travel in the New Year.

The scheme, called ‘Bus for Jobs’ is organised by the greener journeys sustainable travel campaign and also supported by other major bus operators.

It will enable jobseekers, especially the young to use their routes free of charge for a month in January, 2013.

Bus travel is the most popular mode of transport used by Britain’s commuters, with 5.2 billion bus journeys in the UK each year. 

Charlie Mullen, managing director of Stagecoach East Scotland, said: “The bus is Britain’s most important mode of public transport. It is how millions of people across the UK access employment, education and training every day.

“Bus for Jobs could make the vital difference for those who are struggling to get that first job or training place.”