Brooke (8) is Bristol bound this weekend

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A CARNOUSTIE girl is all set to head off for the operation which it is hoped will change her life.

Brooke Ramsay (8) will travel to Bristol on Sunday with her parents, Laura and Stewart in preparation for her selective dorsal rhizotomy (SDR) on Tuesday.

It is hoped the SDR treatment at the Frenchay Hospital will alleviate the effects of the cerebral palsy which has left her with severe walking difficulties.

Mum Laura explained what will be happening. She said: “Brooke’s operation is on Tuesday but we are to fly down on the Sunday because admissions for pre-op are on the Monday. We’ll hopefully all come back on July 31 if she’s discharged, Stewart will be down there until July 18. Amy’s coming down with her dad on July 24 and then back on the July 26. We are bringing Amy because it’s a twin thing.

“During the pre-op she needs measured for new splints and is also meeting with the surgeon and going to the gait lab.”

Brooke’s operation is scheduled for 11 a.m., but it may be a long day for the family. Laura added: “It can be up to a five or six-hour operation, it just depends on the person. I’ve heard of folk being nine hours, but it depends on what happens. Brooke will be sedated for a couple of days and then hopefully will be up Thursday night or Friday.”

Intense physiotherapy will start for Brooke the following Monday, with two one-hour sessions, and when she comes home she will be scheduled for four hours per week.

Thanks to the Barbara Russell Unit at Frenchay Hospital, her parents will be able to stay close. Laura revealed: “Stewart and I will be night about on the ward, so she won’t be on her own.”

As the date approaches Laura admits it has been a bit emotional for the family. She said: “I’m still not packed, I’m walking about not knowing what to do, I’m breaking down at the slightest thing. Brooke’s stuff is all packed, she’s even taking her singing books. She said to me she might fancy singing while she’s there.”

Brooke’s grandparents will be looking after twin sister Amy and little brother Ben, and Stewart and Laura have made provisions for keeping in touch.

She explained: “We’ve set up Skype and showed them how to use it so they can Skype every night. At least they can see each other, that’s better than just email or ‘phone calls.”

All of the excess money raised by Brooke’s Dream which was earmarked for redistribution has been presented, with a total of 16 causes benefiting. The complete list can be found on the Brooke’s Dream Facebook page.