Bright spark targets lighthouse

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AN ARBROATH landmark has once again been the butt of a joke for artistic pranksters.

The Elliot Light was the target of the individual or group who painted a cartoon lightbulb and a light switch on to the side of the recently completed structure.

Possibly taking place at some point over last Thursday night, the vandals even went so far as to call the Arbroath Herald and ask for a congratulations notice to be printed for the fictional Elliot lighthouse keeper.

In the past, the artistic comedy has amused the public, from the meticulously reproduced living room on top of the pile of rubble that was once the Hotel Seaforth to the Christmas decorations on the Declaration of Independence statue.

However, Councillor David Fairweather believes the joke is over, now that these previously harmless pranks have crossed into property damage.

He said: “We believe that lighthouse is one of only two in existence, and it was put up to celebrate the Year of the Light.

“It’s time these people stepped back to take a thought to themselves.”

By Tuesday morning, the graffiti had been removed from the Light, and it was confirmed by an Angus Council spokesperson that they had cleaned it.