Bridges Coffee House in Kirrie is well worth a visit

Bridges Coffee House in Kirriemuir.
Bridges Coffee House in Kirriemuir.

It was difficult to pick out an appropriate place for our latest restaurant review given last week’s oppressive heat, but deputy editor Mark Dowie and I opted for this quaint little coffee house in Kirriemuir for a light lunch offering.

The cosy little place was refreshingly cool, with suit and tie wholly inappropriate attire for the weather, so already Mark and I were in good spirits. As it transpired the delicious fare was to continue to boost our spirits. We both opted for a panini, chicken tikka and cheese for myself and a tuna melt for Mark.

The chicken was delightfully rich, preferable to the bland yoghurt that is sometimes passed off as tikka in other places.

The panini was maybe a bit too crispy which made cutting it with a knife not particularly easy, but taste wasn’t compromised at all.

Meanwhile, the tuna mayonnaise had been seasoned perfectly and had just the right amount of mayonnaise added while the cheese was at the right consistency without being stringy.

We sat right next to the cake display so while our appetites had been reasonably well disarmed with the heat and the paninis, we couldn’t say no to the gorgeous delights on offer.

I had a piece of carrot cake, a personal favourite, and it did not disappoint - the icing wasn’t too sweet and the cake itself was moist without being too sticky. Mark opted for a cranberry and pistachio tray bake which was beautifully moist and chewy but of a sensible size to comfortably round off lunch.

A group of elderly ladies were in for a spot of tea and two couples were enjoying some lunch themselves, so it was a pleasantly chilled atmosphere. Including drinks it was £8 or £9 each for a lunch that included two drinks, a panini and a sweet per person - terrific value if you’re seeking something just a bit lighter.

The staff were very courteous and had our food and drinks out right away, even as they were serving the other customers their own meals. The menus didn’t feature any information on the various fillings available for wraps, rolls or paninis but the lad behind the counter was happy to tell us what was on offer and even make a suggestion or two.

All in all a very enjoyable lunch, and one we would eagerly recommend!