Bridge Club dealt a good hand

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Arbroath Bridge Club has received a grant from Awards For All, Scotland for the sum of £7,430.

With this sum of money Arbroath Bridge Club has been able to replace some older equipment and introduce the latest bridge technology into their weekly game.

The club now possesses a state of the art dealing machine and a wireless scoring system called Bridgemate II.

In addition, the club has purchased several accessories such as reading lights and card holders which will enable older members to continue playing even though their sight and motor skills may have declined.

By introducing new technology and playing aids for the elderly the club’s project met the Awards for All outcomes ‘people have better chances in life’ and ‘people and communities are healthier’

Arbroath Bridge Club meets on Wednesday evenings from September 3 in the Colliston Village Hall.

It is the only club in Arbroath that is affiliated to the Scottish Bridge Union.

New members will be made very welcome and tuition is offered to anyone wishing to learn how to play bridge or improve their skills.

Further information can be found on the club’s website -