Brave Arbroath boy spoilt by hospital staff at Christmas

Kenzy Oliver is pictured with some of his Christmas presents
Kenzy Oliver is pictured with some of his Christmas presents

A brave Arbroath boy who had a potentially life-changing operation was spoilt at Christmas while he is recovering in hospital.

Seven-year-old Kenzy Oliver was born with a rare liver condition and had a transplant earlier this month.

Skye Oliver with some of her Christmas presents

Skye Oliver with some of her Christmas presents

Kenzy, his mum Michelle, dad Nicky and little sister Skye (5) spent Christmas in King’s College Hospital in London.

The youngster was visited by Santa Claus on Christmas Day and the family plan to have a second Christmas when Kenzy is home.

His dad Nicky said: “Christmas was brief. It doesn’t quite feel like it has happened, at least for all us adults.

“Kenzy was spoilt by the hospital, as were all the children.

Skye and dad Nicky enjoying their Christmas dinner.

Skye and dad Nicky enjoying their Christmas dinner.

“They even gave Skye a little something.

“One of the other dads made sleighs for all the kids to have their presents kept in.

“There was a Santa dressed up that delivered a bear to all the patients and a gift from the ward staff.

“Also a paramedic team came round with an ambulance trolly full of gifts to give one for each of the kids.

Kenzy Oliver's mum Michelle says he is out of HDU

Kenzy Oliver's mum Michelle says he is out of HDU

“Ronald McDonald House also gave a bag of gifts to each child that was in the house and in hospital.

“Ronald House cooked a selection of meat and we helped ourselves to veg and potatoes all donated by local shops.

“So all in all was a lot better than expected.

“We also brought some gifts down here from Santa and both Skye and Kenzy know Santa delivered gifts at home and we will have a proper Christmas Day when we get back.”

Kenzy has biliary atresia, which is when inflammation develops within the bile ducts around the time of birth.

Earlier in the year, a breathing problem was brought on by his condition and as a result the youngster had to go on oxygen 24 hours a day and was placed as a high priority on the liver transplant list.

In the latest update on the Kenzy Oliver Facebook page last night, his mum Michelle said the youngster is out of the high dependency unit (HDU) and is being moved to the Rays of Sunshine Ward, which specialises in treating children with liver conditions.

She wrote: “Wow I can’t believe that it will be three weeks tomorrow that we got the call. Where has the time gone?

“Kenzy moved from HDU to the Rays of Sunshine Ward today.

“Been a fairly chilled out day for him.

“Physio came round but he didn’t want to do much so she made him stretch his legs etc.

“His bilirubin came down a good bit today.

“He is still having problems with his blood sugar levels at night time so is still on insulin but they are thinking that it’s the steroids that are causing it.

“He also had his drain tube cut so that he just has a wee bag attached to him but it looks like that will get taken out in the next few days.

“His oxygen levels dropped earlier on and we couldn’t get them to go back up but we came to the conclusion that he has the cold so for the moment he is on the mask instead of nasal prongs and his levels went back up.

“All in all he is doing really well.

“It will be a slow process but hopefully not too long. Once the doctors are happy with his levels and he is up and about etc...he can possibly get transferred to our local.

“Fingers crossed.”

On Wednesday, his dad Nicky said Kenzy was undergoing tests and the family were waiting to see if he needs a biopsy as he has jaundice.

Nicky said this may mean the new liver isn’t compatible or Kenzy’s medication needs changing.

His family have been asked who the youngster’s hero is to see if they can send him a message while he is in hospital.

He likes character Agnes Brown from BBC sitcom Mrs Brown’s Boys, played by Irish comedian and actor Brendan O’Carroll.

Nicky said: “A few local friends have been trying to get in touch with Mrs Brown’s Boys to get a wee message to him but so far nothing has come through.

“Kenzy is getting on well for the time being. He has good days and bad days and has had a lot of setbacks.

“Until his results come back over the next few days we just don’t know what the plans will be and when we will get home.”