Bollards at St Vigeans

ANGUS Council say they plan to erect bollards at the entrance to St Vigeans Nature Trail near to Colliston Primary School.

The move is to prevent parking at the entrance to the trail, which is popular with dog walkers, cyclists and horse riders.

Local resident Sandra Orrock had been pushing the local authority to erect a mirror to assist drivers coming out of the entrance to the trail on to the road near to Colliston Primary.

She explained: “I am a grandmother and carer to my grandson, who I collect from Colliston School and it is usually with him that I go on the nature trail along with my dog, Tweed.

“I park my car in the entrance to the trail like other dog walkers who use the same walk.

“I have no problem parking my car, my problem is when I get back to my car and have to get back on to the road.

“Coming out of this entrance whether you are turning left or right, you cannot see what traffic is coming up from the right hand side.”

And with traffic travelling quickly Mrs Orrock suggested to the council a mirror could help solve drivers’ problems with reversing from the entrance, although they refused her request.

She added: “We have been at the other end of the St Vigeans trail when we were already in the town and there is an adequate car park.

“However, when I pick my grandson up from Colliston Primary, why would I trail into the town when just a minute down the road from the school is the other end of the trail?

“This trail is also used by cyclists and people on horseback who must have issues with leaving the entrance, it is not just car owners.”

However, a spokeswoman for Angus Council said: “We plan to erect bollards at the entrance to the trail to prevent parking there, although parks vehicles will be able to gain access to the area.”