Blustery weather fells Elmbank play park tree

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High winds at the weekend brought a large tree next to the popular Elms children’s play park in Arbroath crashing to the ground.

Situated next to Elmbank Crescent, the area is also popular with walkers using the nature trail to St Vigeans.

There were no children playing in the park at the time the tree was blown over.

Angus Council have since cordoned off the tree to separate it from the rest of the play area.

An Angus Council spokesperson said: “The Elms Playpark was cordoned off in the short term due to the damaged tree which is to be felled this morning (Monday) as it is beyond repair.

“When there have been storms, our parks officers will assess the damage caused, and inspect those areas which are deemed high risk for damage.

“The work is then prioritised accordingly and is normally completed within a week depending on the extent of the damage.

“There are teams in each area across Angus who are qualified to deal with this type of work and two main squads who will deal with any large trees that require attention.

“We are proactive in our tree management and remove weak and diseased trees in a planned maintenance programme.

“Unfortunately at this time of year when the trees are in full leaf there will inevitably be damage during high winds.”