Blooming good birthday display

editorial image

The Royal Marine crest has been transformed into an attractive floral display on the Arbroath approach road to mark 350 years of the Commandos.

Angus Council announced recently that they were no longer going to support the Arbroath In Bloom and were looking for willing agencies to adopt the flower bed plots across the town.

Chic Grant, Chairman of the Arbroath Town Centre Retailers’ Association, offered to take the Infirmary Brae plot.

“I had a vision of what I wanted to do, what we’re looking for now is support going forward,” he said. “I have asked the RMA to support, in spirit, for the first stint and I have ideas for the 45th anniversary of 45 Commando being in Arbroath for 2016. But it really is a community garden and I anyone with ideas or who would like to help please contact me.”

14 tonnes of earth was shifted by Chic alone, to transform the hillside plot into the colourful bloom now on display.

Chic said: “I would like to thank the Heinz Voigt Partnership, who really helped in a big way, Ashbrook Garden Centre, B&Q, Mackways Boatyard and the council Parks department.

“I am really hoping the community will get involved now. This is a long term project with ideas already circulating for 2017-2020, the 800th anniversary of Arbroath Abbey.”