Blake’s Bargains ‘pop up’ shop returns

All funds raised will go towards the trust, named after young Blake McMillan.
All funds raised will go towards the trust, named after young Blake McMillan.

A fund-raising “pop up” shop, Blake’s Bargains, will once again be opening in Carnoustie High Street on Monday, April 25.

The Blake McMillan Trust (BMT) is aiming to raise funds, not just for local boy Blake, who has the rare genetic condition Mecp2 Duplication Syndrome, but also for much-needed research.

Funding is required for adaptations to Blake’s living space, to make it more accessible, social, stimulating and comfortable, and also for the specialist equipment that he requires.

Blake’s mum, Jenny McMillan, told the Gazette: “Once again we are opening a ‘pop up’ shop to raise funds for The Blake McMillan Trust. This time, the funds will be specifically going towards equipment and alterations to our home to accommodate Blake and move his bedroom downstairs and create a wet room.

“We will need to buy specialist equipment including a tracking system throughout the downstairs and a bath. The BMT aims to raise funds not just for our son who has a rare genetic condition, but also we are striving to raise funds for much needed research. The pop up shop will open on Monday (April 25) at 9.30am and, as before, we will have loads of bargains and everything will be sold very cheap!”

The plan for the shop is to remain open for six to eight weeks and there are plans for a permanent venture in the near future, with details to follow.

Jenny continued: “Myself and my family are committed fundraisers for Reverse Rett. Our son suffers a rare genetic condition, which has recently been reversed in the labs. Scientists are working very hard to transmit this reversal into humans. We are very hopeful that one day Blake will be cured. Please consider supporting us in our mission to cure MeCP2 Duplication Syndrome. Thank you.”