Biggest Scottish Bosch centre for Arbroath

Calum Gordon, Checkpoint Garage is planning to move into the old Pringle Building.
Calum Gordon, Checkpoint Garage is planning to move into the old Pringle Building.

An expanding Arbroath business is hoping to turn a Westway eyesore into a big player in the Scottish motor trade this spring.

Calum Gordon, owner of the Checkpoint Garage on the Kirkton Industrial Estate, has taken on the lease of the former Pringle Building at the edge of the Elliot Industrial Estate.

The site has sat empty for the last three years after the departure of Perth firm Elder and Paton.

Now Mr Gordon has plans to turn it into a showpiece for car specialists Bosch.

The 44-year-old explained: “It was actually Bosch that asked us to become one of their Bosch Car Service Centres, not the other way around.

“Moving here I’m going to be providing a lot more services and we’ll build on that over the next two or three years. There’s a shortage of services that can be provided to motorists in this area.

“We’ll create three jobs straight away and as we provide more services we will require more staff to sort that. It’s going to be of benefit to Arbroath. A lot of people take their cars back to the main dealers in Dundee, we want to do that here in Arbroath.

“Basically the idea is to create a showcase garage for Bosch. It’ll be their biggest site in Scotland.”

The garage will be expanding from 250 square metres at the Kirkton site to initially around 600 square metres at the Pringle Building, with a further 800 square metres being developed at a later date as services are added.

Mr Gordon added: “It needs an awful lot of work and I’m all for keeping work local so we’ll use all local builders and so on. The whole building is going to be transformed, you won’t recognise it.

“The plan is to be in here and working on March 1, I don’t like to hang around.

“It’s what Arbroath is needing, folk to come along and do things. I’ve been asked by numerous customers to move to Dundee but I don’t want to move away from Arbroath, I’m from here and I’d rather see Arbroath prosper.”

Councillor David Fairweather welcomed news of the development in his ward. He said: “With any unit that’s been empty for that length of time it is always welcome news to hear it’s going to be filled.

“It would seem that Arbroath is currently on the up, when we look at the industrial estates and how few units there are and people still clamouring for them. It’s great news that an Arbroath man has decided to stay in the town and expand here.”