Big thanks from heart charity

AN ARBROATH charity volunteer has extended her thanks to the people of Arbroath for their generosity at a bucket collection last week.

Helen Anderson, a local volunteer for the British Heart Foundation was delighted by the by the public response on Thursday at the Tesco store on Cairnie Street.

She said: “Our heartfelt thanks to all newspaper readers who helped to make the Tesco fund-raising collection such a resounding success for British Heart Foundation.

“It was great to see so many local people involved and having fun. The vital funds raised will help our fight against heart and circulatory disease, Scotland’s biggest killer.”

The charity funds ground-breaking research into heart conditions, supports families affected by the disease, supplies information to sufferers and helps people to keep their hearts healthy.

Helen added: “We campaign to help improve the lives of those loving with heart disease now and fight for a healthy heart future for everyone in Arbroath.

“We can only continue our life-saving and life-changing work with the help of people like you. Thanks again for your continued support. Keep working with us, and we will beat heart disease – for good.”