Big steps made by Brooke

A CARNOUSTIE girl has been running her parents ragged recently, but for a good reason!

Brooke Ramsay (8), the girl behind the massively successful fund-raising campaign Brooke’s Dream, has shown huge improvements following her selective dorsal rhizotomy to correct mobility issues caused by cerebral palsy.

Mum Laura is delighted with Brooke’s progress. She said: “You know what she did for the first time the other day?

“She ran. A proper run and she lifted her feet up. It was a bit messy, but it’s something that’s never happened before.

“Brooke has always run in her own way, but it was more like a fast walk, not with her feet lifted up like that.

“It was so lovely to see. It just makes it all the more worthwhile.”

Last week Brooke and her twin sister Amy also started dance and drama classes with Carnoustie group Stage Stars, another huge step in her development.

Laura said: “They used to go to dancing classes when they were toddlers but we stopped that because it was getting hard for her to keep up.

“But I ‘phoned Kim Brymer at Stage Stars and she knows them already. It’s just something great for them to do and Kim gets on really well with them, the girls were just so excited.”

Recent physiotherapy tests have shown Brooke’s physical development is coming along very well with her latest physiotherapy assessment giving her a score of 89.5 per cent.

Laura added: “Basically she got tested on things before her operation on things she could and couldn’t do and after the operation she now has all these goals to meet.

“There were some massive improvements in areas such as strength and ability in climbing stairs and standing on one leg, jumping distance and walking on a straight line.

“There are things she’s not coping well with, like hopping, but that’s because she hasn’t got the muscles built up yet.”

Brooke has also dispensed with constantly wearing a set of leg splints. On Wednesday Laura said: “She’s not wearing her splints during the day and she seems to be coping fantastically well, but she is wearing her splints at night with her gaiters.

“This is her third day out of the splints and she’s doing fantastically. She’s desperate to get back to school to show her friends.”