Big cats are back!

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Could a big black cat be out on the prowl around Arbroath again after another sighting of a large feline creature?

Well one local man certainly seems to think so after spotting what he has described as a big black puma like cat at East Seaton farm.

Richard Smith, who lives near the farm, saw the animal last week, and claims it was the second time in a year he has seen a big cat like creature in the area.

He told the Herald: “I know there is a lot of wildlife down here but what I saw was a big black cat that must have been at least a metre long.

“It came running along up the dirt track up to the strawberry fields and it was so fast.

“There is no way it was a normal cat or a dog.”

Mr Smith’s sighting comes several years after a spate of people came forward to say they had seen a similar looking creature near to the Kirkton Industrial Estate.

Sightings have also been reported near to RM Condor as well as further afield in Friockheim and Carnoustie.

And just this week a primary school in Dundee said all precautions were being taken after a big black cat was spotted on a path at the back of the building.

Unfortunately for Mr Smith, he didn’t have his mobile ‘phone to hand to take a picture of the cat.

But he added he is certain of what he saw.

He explained: “I wish I had my ‘phone to take a picture because nobody else up here I have spoken to has seen the same thing.

“But it was quite concrete for me, and it was a big black cat that was in the shape of a puma. “There are plenty of deer up here, which I see every day as well as rabbits, weasels and stoats so they would easily find food.”

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