Beware the danger of bogus collectors

THE ANGUS South MSP has warned the charitably minded to be on their guard against bogus doorstep collectors.

Graeme Dey has cautioned residents who leave bags of old belongings to be picked up and re-sold for charity to be alert for criminals abusing the system.

The issue was highlighted in conjunction with the new ‘Give with care’ campaign by the Institute of Fundraising and Fundraising Standard Boards.

Mr Dey said: “It is a sad fact that there are bogus firms in operation which will mislead generous members of the public into giving away their belongings to charity when instead they are lining the pockets of criminals.

“I would encourage my constituents not to give up donating, but to make sure when doing so that they have every confidence their old items are going to those who need them the most.

“Residents of Angus should ensure that their collector has literature with a legitimate charity number on it, beginning with SCO, or take their goods directly to our High Street charity shops to ensure their generosity is passed on.”