Bell Rock Reel at the Bell Rock

Arbroath Scottish country dancing club performed the Bell Rock Reel  in front of the 200 year old lighthouse.
Arbroath Scottish country dancing club performed the Bell Rock Reel in front of the 200 year old lighthouse.

DETERMINED dancers from Arbroath finally managed to visit the Bell Rock and perform a dance at the weekend.

Members of the East Angus Royal Scottish Country Dance Society were able to visit the lighthouse and perform the Bell Rock Reel on Sunday.

This was their second attempt at the trip, as the first at the end of May was cancelled due to the terrible weather affecting the region.

The Bell Rock Reel was created by the late Jim Crowe, formerly of Arbroath, and it was only by chance that Heather Lockhart came across the hitherto forgotten dance, and decided it would make a fitting addition to the Year of the Light celebrations.

Heather said: “I tried to trace the person who devised the dance, Jim Crowe, but unfortunately, by the time I managed to trace him he was really very ill.”

Jim Crowe sadly passed away before the date of the original trip, and on May 29, despite the terrible weather, the dancers performed the Bell Rock Reel at the Tourist Centre in his memory.

She added: “We feel it was a nice tribute to Jim to perform the reel at the Bell Rock. We were really saddened he died before we managed to get out to the Bell Rock.”

Heather was pleased at the way the day turned out, she said: “It was a glorious day when the Ultimate Predator took us out and we danced the Bell Rock Reel.

“It was a bit difficult dancing on the boat as there was a bit of a swell near the Bell Rock. The skipper, Jim Smith moved us away enough to dance.

“We thought that once through would be enough, but we enjoyed it so much that we decided to do it again.

“The skipper and the crew were very accommodating and obliging, and I think they had just as much fun as we did.

“In fact, it was Jim Smith’s idea to dance as we came into the harbour, and we even got applause from onlookers.”

Jim Smith, skipper of the Ultimate Predator said: “They danced again as we came into the harbour, I thought it would be a good idea, and it was such a nice night.

“We sailed around the outer harbour and the inner dock and came back around the pontoon. It was something different, and the weather was ideal, so it all went first class.”

Heather said: “I would like to thank the Year of the Light committee for being so supportive, the dancers for their effort, Frank Thomson for the music, Jim Smith the skipper on the day for being so helpful and everybody for their support.”