Bell Rock gets seal of approval from engineers

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ARBROATH’S iconic lighthouse designer was praised on Friday by his modern day successors.

Members of the Dundee area branch of the Institute of Civil Engineers recognised the great achievement made by Bell Rock lighthouse creator Robert Stevenson 200 years ago.

The party also visited the Bell Rock by boat to better appreciate the structure at first hand.

The trip was part of the Institute of Civil Engineers annual general meeting, and included a tour round the newly refurbished Signal Tower museum.

Sadly organiser Walter Scott, the new branch chairman, couldn’t engineer calm waters for sea-sick members but the arrival of a pod of playful seals made up for a choppy crossing to the beacon.

Kevin Galbraith, outgoing chairman of the branch, was delighted to reach dry land and thanked Mr Scott for organising what was for most a once in a lifetime experience.

Survivors later enjoyed a fish supper in the award winning Bell Rock Fish Restaurant on Arbroath’s seafront, directly across from the museum.

Walter Scott said: “The trip was a huge success and will certainly be remembered by us all.

“It left us, as today’s civil engineers, in awe of the legacy, ingenuity and unyielding will of our forefathers to construct this engineering masterpiece in such a harsh environment.”

The branch will continue to honour the Year of the Light, when Professor Roland Paxton visits Dundee on November 17 to present a lecture on the design and construction of the lighthouse.