Bear necessities for kilts

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An Arbroath tartan designer is hoping the launch of two limited edition teddy bears will allow him to establish a Red Lichtie kilt hire service.

Steven Patrick Sim, designer of the Red Lichtie and Bell Rock tartans, officially launched his Angus McLichtie and Belle McRock tartan teddy bears at the second annual exhibition of work by Friockheim Art Society in the Masonic Hall.

The exhibition was opened with speeches by artists Moira Hamilton Speirs and Rikki Craig, who was in fact a former teacher of Steven’s.

He said: “I’ve had a long association with Rikki having met him several times over the years and he has always encouraged me and been a bit of an inspiration.”

Belle McRock, is a female teddy bedecked in the Bell Rock tartan she was named for and with a button imitating the Heart of the Ocean blue diamond from Titanic.

He said: “Angus McLichtie has proved to be very popular as a mascot for Arbroath and he has captured people¹s imaginations.

“It made sense to have a companion bear and I found this grey plush bear which I’ve sourced in a Bell Rock tartan shawl and a tartan rose.”

The two bears will be produced in a special one-off run of just 100 teddies each, making them potentially valuable as a collector’s item in the future.

Steven plans to reinvest the money from the sale of Angus McLichtie and Belle McRock teddies in a plan to make wearing the Red Lichtie tartan more affordable.

He said: “Not only are they ideal gifts, but if I sell out the editions I will have enough money to get 40 kilts tailored for hiring out.

“I think these bears might just make that possible for me.”

Steven added: “I want to also offer an incentive to buy one, every bear sold will be numbered, and after all the bears are sold, there will be a prize draw.

“The winning Angus McLichtie will result in a full eight-yard kilt tailored to fit either the owner of the teddy, or someone of his or her choice.

“There will also be a prize draw for from sale of the Belle McRock teddies, the winner receiving a full eight-yard Bell Rock kilt.”

Pre-orders for the bears can be found online at