Ballet good show from Stagecraft School of Dancing!

The Stagecraft school of dancing were pictured before their dress rehersal on Tuesday evening at the Webster theatre.
The Stagecraft school of dancing were pictured before their dress rehersal on Tuesday evening at the Webster theatre.

THE ANNUAL show ‘A Children’s Revue’ was performed by members of the Stagecraft School of Dancing in the Webster Memorial Theatre.

Their efforts were appreciated by an audience which showed its enthusiasm with cheers and sustained applause.

Under the expert tuition of dance director Elaine Masson, the children demonstrated the dance styles they had spent the last year perfecting.

The show was opened by the three and four-year-old girls who showed everybody they could dance ballet, eeny meeney, rock and roll and country and western.

The girls had a ball with those, but it was their ‘silly songs’ which reduced the audience to tears of laughter.

Class three pupils are a step up from the little ones and showed how much they had improved over the year.

Their ballet was a challenge but they danced gracefully through the pieces, and really went to town with their hip hop and be-bop.

Class four shared an ‘Under The Sea’ ballet with class three and their flowing moves were a delight.

Following this they lit up the stage with their ‘Charleston in Chicago’ and ‘Phunk It Up’ showing they were really enjoying being on stage.

In the tap only classes each group was given the chance to do their own choreography for one dance and they rose to the challenge.

Latin American and military routines with complex sets of steps were performed with considerable confidence.

In the 4.30 p.m. class, this vibrant group of dancers impressed with their own choreography in ‘Heart Breaker’, tap and other forms of dance.

The Pointe class performed a ballet, feline capers and rhythm en pointe. These young ladies showed the different levels they had reached dancing en pointe.

The 5.30 p.m. class shone whether they were performing ballet, their very own ‘Arbroath Girls’ tap or sharing with the seniors ‘Super Lyrical’ and the prologue from West Side Story. The dancers showed their ability and skill to please the audience.

The Seniors demonstrated their talents for dancing learned over the years with salsa and tapping to music by Queen.

Their own ‘Can’t Help It’ was amongst the dance disciplines these young ladies shone in.

Dancers taking part were:

Class one and two, assisted by Carlie Hardie and Chloe Soutar - Kayleigh Angus, Olivia Carkeek, Chloe Craig, Jorja Dall, Emily Gammie, Olivia Kelly, Nia Laskiewicz, Piper McBay, Katie McIntosh, Fraya McMillan, Dezire Mireva, Daisy Nicoll, Ailey Smith, Taylor Smith, Carla Szatan, Evan Watson and Fraya Watson.

Class three, assisted by Abbie Lawson - Philipa de Voss, Catie Mathieson, Milly Martin, Iona Robertson and Sarah Smart.

Class four - Kristi Bastow, Laya Carruthers, Charlotte Gray, Nicole McDonald and Eilidh Riach.

Tap only assisted by Carlie Hardie - Jane Barraclough, Roma Beattie, Kay Brown, Jill Duncan, Emily Gammie, Bobbi Gray, Charlotte Gray, Teigan Hardie, Charlotte James, Abbie Lawson, Erin Mitchell, Sarah Smart, Chloe Soutar, Fey Taylor, Evan Watson and Vicki White.

Class 4.30 p.m. - Leah Bow, Abbey Easton, Emily Elford, Bobbi Gray, Amy Hood, Charlotte James, Holy McNee and Ellie Taylor.

Class 5.30 p.m. - Hannah Christie, Kate Fraser, Siobhan Gill, Erin Henderson, Abbie Lawson, Ashleigh Paton and Chloe Soutar.

Seniors - Jodi Barraclough, Lucy Cuthbert, Chelsea Craik, Rebecca Gerrie and Rachel Stewart.

Choreographic Credits

Jane Barraclough - ‘Lets Rock’, ‘Hippity Hop’ Phunk It Up’ ‘Attitude’; Elaine Speirs - ‘9 to 5’ Jill Duncan - ‘Under The Sea’, ‘Charleston in Chicago’; Jodi Barraclough - ‘Heart Breaker’, ‘Super Lyrical’; Kirsty Petrie - ‘Beat It’; 4.30 p.m. Class - ‘Dynamite’; 5.30 p.m. Class - ‘Arbroath Girls’; Seniors - ‘Can’t Help It’; Rachel Stewart - ‘Eeny Meeney’; Tap only, little ones - ‘Rock Star’; Tap only, juniors - ‘Dance Me If You Can’; Tap only, ladies - ‘Chicago Medley’, and the rest of the choreography is Mrs Masson’s work.

Teachers: Elaine Masson, Jane Barraclough, Jodi Barraclough, Jill Duncan, Elaine Speirs and Rachel Stewart.

Jodi Barraclough and Abbie Lawson also assisted with the Thursday night class.

Mrs Masson extended thanks to all the teachers and helpers in the classes.

She made particular mention of Brenda Reid, stage manager; AML Lighting; Dale Barraclough, gantry; Jane and Jodi Barraclough, cutting and arranging the show CD; Ian and Norma Cargill for front of house duties; all the helpers backstage with the children; Jane Stewart and the programme sellers and the parents for the costumes.