Bald is beautiful for Bobbi

A brave Arbroath teenager had her head shaved last week in a bid to combat the stigma suffered by cancer sufferers.

Last Wednesday morning, Bobbi Gray (13), a second year pupil at Arbroath High School, volunteered to lose her locks for charity after seeing the devastating effects of the disease on close friends and family.

Friends, family and well-wishers gathered at the One to One salon on Arbroath High Street to witness the event and with barely a wince the deed was done.

The first cut was made by Bobbi’s younger sister Charlotte followed by her friend Ellie Williams.

Asked afterwards what it was like Bobbi said: “It was alright, but the soap in my eye was a bit sore!”

Bobbi also wants to dispel the stigma attached to hair loss resulting from cancer treatment. She said: “I wanted to make a statement and I feel that in today’s society where there is so much importance placed on teenagers to look ‘perfect’ this is an ideal opportunity to make people wake up and notice.

“I have the choice to shave my hair off, but unfortunately millions of people who are diagnosed with cancer and who are going through treatment don’t.

“I have already experienced a little of what people think about me shaving my head and not all of their comments have been positive.

“Not only do I wish to raise money for this great cause, I also want to show people that looks aren’t everything.”

Her dad, Constable Jimmy Gray, a serving officer with Police Scotland, Tayside Division, is proud of his daughter.

He said: “Everybody knows somebody who has been affected by cancer be it family, friends or work colleagues.

“Fund-raising has led to massive developments in research and treatments for cancers and every penny really does count.

“I’m so proud of what Bobbi is doing. Most 13-year-old girls would dread having their hair shaved off but not Bobbi. She’s determined to make a difference in some small way.”

Mum Sarah said: “She’s raised just over £700 in total, with over £600 through her justgiving page and around £100 on paper from sponsors.”

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