Backing for Arctic Convoy Medals

ANGUS MP Mike Weir is supporting a parliamentary motion which calls for a speedy resolution to the long campaign for an Arctic Star medal to be awarded to those who served in the Arctic convoys during the Second World War.

Prior to the election the Conservatives promised to create such a medal.

Mr Weir said: “Those who served in the Arctic Convoys are now in their 80s and 90s. They went through a terrible ordeal in extreme circumstances to keep Russia supplied during the war, battling not only sub zero temperatures but a gauntlet of Nazi air, submarine and battleship attacks. Without their heroism Russia could not have held out and the outcome of the war could have been very different.

“These brave men have waited far too long to receive proper recognition of their bravery and the government must act immediately to ensure that as many veterans as possible get the medals they so richly deserve.”