Back to church Sunday

ST ANDREW’S Church was packed virtually to capacity on Sunday morning as the congregation swelled in numbers with lots of friends and guests being welcomed as part of Back to church Sunday.

Over 100 people accepted the invitation to come early and enjoy bacon rolls and the smell of bacon cooking certainly seemed to act as a draw as more and more people made their way through the front doors!

Those who came were welcomed at the door by a special all-age hospitality team, all of whom wore special T-shirts with the word ‘welcome’ emblazoned across the front.

Then, as the service got under way, Martin Fair, the minister, underscored the ‘welcome’ theme by having a group of children come to the front holding on to huge helium-filled letter balloons which together spelled out the word ‘welcome.’ Two of the children were a little less adept at the ‘holding on’ part of their job and consequently the congregation fell into uproarious laughter as two of the helium balloons soared up into the rafters!

In his message, Mr Fair drew from the well-known story of The Prodigal Son as he highlighted the unconditional welcome that the father offers to his son returning home.

Afterwards, he commented: “It really was a great day and we were delighted by how many people accepted our invitation to come back to church. The only downside was the fire-alarm being set off by the bacon grilling!”