Awards for local foster carers

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FOSTER carers and volunteers were guests of Angus Council social work and health department at a reception at Forbes of Kingennie.

Several were presented with awards to mark their long service. Ann Hamilton, Arbroath, who has fostered for 28 years and served on Angus Council Fostering and Adoption Panel received a special service award as did Alan and Sheena Thomson, Carnoustie, who are foster carers and volunteer drivers.

Olga Beattie, Arbroath, who has fostered in excess of 23 children since 1997, and Kathleen Stuart, Arbroath, a volunteer at Seaton Grove residential centre who helps at the coffee mornings, received the 15-year service award .

Gillian Howie, Carnoustie, a volunteer with a nursing background whose range of work has included supporting a teenager with learning disabilities and assisting a young man with brain injuries was also presented with a 15-year service award.

The presentations were made by Provost Helen Oswald.

Committee convener, Councillor Glennis Middleton, said: “We are very fortunate to have a committed group of great volunteers and foster carers. There are just over 130 volunteers including drivers, befrienders, home visitors and those who help at residential units.

“Volunteers help children and adults in many different ways - they all do a wonderful job, helping staff to deliver very good services to the local community. Last year our volunteer drivers travelled over 665,000 miles - more than here to the moon and back again.”

She went on: “In Angus we currently have 60 foster families fostering approximately 120 children and they all do a fantastic job.”