Awards for All grant for ARCH

THE ASSOCIATION of Residents of Cliffburn and Hayshead (ARCH) has been awarded £5,700 by The Big Lottery’s Awards For All programme to conduct a professional feasibility study into whether or not it would be possible for a community hub to be built in the area.

Margot Reilly, chair of the association, said: “We are extremely pleased to receive this offer from Awards For All which will allow us to employ a chartered architect with experience of designing community facilities to conduct the study.

“We have been trying to get a community facility for some time now. Originally, we thought that a stock transfer of houses from Angus Council to Angus Housing Association was going to provide enough revenue for us to build a substantial building with money left over to invest, which would have given an annual income to help with the running costs.

“However, the stock transfer did not take place and therefore, there was no money for the community to invest. Our aspirations are now lower that they were in terms of the size of a facility we could build but we are determined to try and give the community what they have been asking for in various surveys conducted over the past 10 years.

“Sustainability of any facility is paramount and this is one aspect that our architect will be asked to look at as well as designing an appropriate building and establishing running costs involved.”

She continued: “We have identified possible funding sources for a community hub including the Big Lottery’s Community Spaces Programme which is a programme targeted at disadvantaged communities.

“They will, if a project is successful, give money to areas where specific datazones show a certain level of deprivation. Datazones are small areas of population which show levels of deprivation in employment, income, housing, crime, health, education and access.

“In Cliffburn there are three datazones that qualify for the programme. However, if we want to make a serious bid for substantial funding we need to conduct a professional feasibility study and put together a sound business plan.”

Mrs Reilly concluded: “Now thanks to the award from Awards For All we will be conducting the feasibility study over the next two to three months with the intention if all goes well, of making a bid to the Big Lottery well before the programme’s cut off point in December.”