Asda’s ‘Antechs Roadshow’

ASDA’S electronic trade-in service has paid out a whopping £1 million to customers in return for their unused or unloved gadgets and an Arbroath customer helped them reach the milestone.

Leonna Coull traded in her Samsung Galaxy S mobile last week.

She said: “I stumbled across my previous ‘phone when I was going through some drawers. It wasn’t even very old but I had assumed it was pretty worthless.

“It was great news to be told that I’m the million pound customer. Now that dusty mobile is being swapped for a brand new iPad!”

Launched last year with a promise not to be beaten on price by major competitors, the buy-back scheme has already attracted more than 25,000 items of technology, from mobile ‘phones to laptops.

According to Asda research, there are millions of unwanted gadgets gathering dust in drawers or attics in the United Kingdom, including up to 11 million cameras, 5.5 million laptops and 12 million outdated games consoles.

Asda Tech Trade-in provides a double benefit for customers, who can clear out the clutter and make some money at the same time. So far, mobiles are the most popular technology to be returned, followed by MP3 players and games consoles. Customers can trade in mobile ‘phones, Sat Navs, digital cameras, MP3 players and games consoles online or by picking up a special envelope in-store.

All the trade-ins are sent for recycling, preventing the mountain of unwanted gadgets from going into landfills.

Customers can trade in their gadgets at or simply pick up an envelope in selected stores from the checkouts or mobile ‘phone fixtures.