ASC to meet with council

ANGUS Council has confirmed they will be holding a meeting with Arbroath SC next week to discuss the rent increase for Seaton Park.

The junior football club is already looking for a new home venue after Seaton Park was deemed surplus to the local authority’s requirements.

The council has said ASC, who also hold car boot sales on Seaton Park, could play for another two seasons at the ground, but then increased their rent from £900 per year to £11,000 per year.

Club officials were shocked by the dramatic increase in rent, but a council spokeswoman said a meeting has been arranged to come to an agreement.

She explained: “The council has written to the club to give them an indication of the new level of rent.

“The council sets rent levels according to the type and regularity of activity being carried out on a site, that is to say the rent for sports activity will be different from commercial activity or a combination of both.

“In this instance this could include the club’s car boot sales if they are run on a commercial basis.

“The council has been seeking a meeting with the club to discuss their use of the site, most specifically the level of business as well as sporting activity taking place on the site, and their proposed use in the future.

“In the absence of confirmed information the council has indicated a level of rent the club might be required to pay based on their estimated business and sporting use.  We are keen to discuss this with the club and are meeting with them  next week.

“Angus Council is working with Arbroath Sporting Club to discuss  an alternative site for the club in preparation for their current site being redeveloped as part of the Cliffburn area regeneration.”