Area did not meet criteria for crossings

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After concerns expressed about cyclists on the pedestrian precinct, another reader has asked for action to be taken against speeding motorists.

Neil Stirling has slammed drivers for their excess speed, particularly in the area of Keptie Street, Commerce Street and Gravesend.

He explained: “I sat in my car in Keptie Street last week and most of the vehicles were going past at high speed.

“If a pedestrian had required to cross the road to call into the chemist shop or the newsagent the enterprise would have been extremely hazardous.”

Ian Watson, chairman of the Royal Burgh of Arbroath Community Council, confirms that speeding on the town streets is still a problem.

He said: “We regularly receive complaints, particularly about Keptie Street and Burnside Drive at our meetings. The problem areas seem to be the stretch from the railway bridge on Dundee Road to the harbour roundabout and Keptie Street in the area of Angus College and down to the railway station.”

Police Scotland Inspector Adrian Robertson stressed that Keptie Street was a known hotspot for speeding and officers are regularly deployed in the area.

He went on: “We go where the public report issues or officers detect speeding so we will continue to visit Keptie Street and probably increase our presence. We want to focus on keeping people safe and speeding is a major issue. I would urge members of the public who witness speeding to let us know and we will deploy officers in response.”