Arbroath student rallies the troops

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A STUDENT who cared for her mum after she was diagnosed with breast cancer has joined forces with Peacocks to launch its latest fun, pink fashion range in support of Cancer Research UK.

Lucy Caldecourt has a poignant reason to be backing Cancer Research UK’s ‘Join the fight for Women’s Survival’ campaign as sadly her mum Judy died after being diagnosed with breast cancer seven years ago.

The 21-year-old Dundee University environmental science student from Arbroath was kitted out in Peacocks’ fashion items when she teamed up with staff at the Wellgate Centre store in Dundee on Tuesday. A donation of 15 per cent from the sale price of each product will go to Cancer Research UK.

Each year around 4,150 women are diagnosed with the disease in Scotland.

Judy was first diagnosed with breast cancer in 2004 and at first, she responded well to treatment. However, at the start of 2006, her health deteriorated and she was given the devastating news that her cancer had returned and spread to her liver. Sadly, on April 2, 2006, when she was aged just 59, she died.

As Lucy’s father Terry had passed away when she was aged just six, it fell to the then 14-year-old to pick up the pieces and take care of the house, her mum and her younger brother, Philip.

Lucy said: “My mum was always such a busy person and always organising something. She was always so cheerful and really loved doing things for other people. Even when she was getting chemo, she didn’t stop for a moment and, because she didn’t lose her hair during her treatment, lots of people didn’t even know she was ill.”

Lucy and Philip were taken in by their aunt Anne, who lives at Hospitalfield in Arbroath and, it is here that both children finished their secondary education. They attended Arbroath High School.

Lucy said: “There are so many people who are diagnosed with cancer which is why I wanted to do something to support Cancer Research UK and raise awareness of the disease.

“My grandfather also died after being diagnosed with bowel cancer and, because both my mother and my aunt had breast cancer, I am being screened for the disease on a regular basis.

“These pink products are really gorgeous and so I hope women will treat themselves and raise money for what is such a good cause.”

In the last few years more women have been diagnosed with breast cancer than ever before. But thanks to research into earlier diagnosis and better treatment, more women are also surviving.

Cancer Research UK’s work is at the heart of this progress and is behind important drugs, such as tamoxifen and herceptin, which have saved the lives of many thousands of women with the disease.

This is the seventh year in succession that Peacocks has teamed up with Cancer Research UK and the fashion retailer has already raised over £2.5 million to support the charity’s work.