Arbroath Stamp and Postcard Club at Christmas

On Tuesday, December 15, President Doug Cowie welcomed members to their annual members’ night.

The theme for the evening was displays on the them of the letter X. First up was Tom Valentine, who like several others chose the Xmas theme. His display featured covers of the USA with postmarks of places associated with Christmas, including Bethlehem Nazareth, Santa amongst others. Next was Geoff Hammond with sheets of Luxembourg stamps, it being one of the few countries with the letter X. Bill Cargill showed a selection of worldwide Christmas stamps in his presentation ‘Christmas A X The World’. Brian Cargill also showed Christmas stamps, this time of Australia, from 2000-15. Ann Findlay gave varied display, including Xmas, Excavations, Exhibitions. Chad Neighbour’s selection was mainly of booklet stamps where the blank in each booklet was marked with an X. Last was Doug Cowie who showed a selection of Russian stamps featuring the XXth Anniversary of their space programme. Hilda Hammond very kindly held her usual raffle, which was much appreciated. The next meeting is in St Andrew’s Church Hall on Tuesday, January 19 and will be the popular auction night.