Arbroath Speakers’ Club tackles range of topics at penultimate meeting

ARBROATH Speakers’ Club met on Thursday in the Meadowbank Inn.

President Robert Hill welcomed 16 members to the meeting, and speakers’ chair Alastair Rodger presented a programme of four speeches.

First to the lectern was Robert Hill with a speech on social media which he illustrated with a short Powerpoint presentation.

June Jelly’s speech was entitled ‘Buried Treasure’ and was an exercise on the use of notes, giving a vivid and detailed description of the discovery of the Staffordshire Hoard.

In her speech ‘A holiday not to be wished for’ Pauline McLennan gave a humorous and graphic account of being flown home from holiday in Italy by air ambulance.

Jim Ratcliffe rounded it off with a moving account of the heroism of First World War stretcher bearer Jack Simpson.

Topics master John Winterton challenged four speakers to use their imagination to extol the virtues of their new jobs in some impromptu speaking.

Christine Watkin, Norma Findlay, Jerry Jackson and Jackie Stewart waxed lyrical on their respective careers as car saleswoman, BBC reporter, refuse collector and MSP. Eddie Wilmott, Elisabeth Hill, Christine Watkin and Jim Christie evaluated the speeches. The club’s education director Robert Ramsay summed up the evening with a very positive general evaluation.

The next and last meeting of the year will be held in the Stables Bar, Meadowbank Inn, on Thursday, December 6.

For more information contact the secretary on 01241 85620 or email