Arbroath skaters get the big picture

Skateboarders gathered on the West Links on saturday to show their support for a new skateboard park.
Skateboarders gathered on the West Links on saturday to show their support for a new skateboard park.

Arbroath’s skating fraternity was out in force at the weekend to show their support for the skate park which has been proposed for the West Links.

On Saturday afternoon dozens of young skaters and riders gathered at the proposed site for the skate park adjacent to Kerr’s Miniature Railway for a big promotional photoshoot.

The idea behind the picture is to create some visual impact to accompany applications as they enter the funding process.

Chair of the Arbroath Skate Park Club Jillian Low was delighted with the result. She said: “I was pleased, despite the weather which was threatening to rain, there were over 60 people there which was great. They were mostly teenage skaters and riders. The skater community really turned out for the picture.”

Jillian continued: “This will definitely help, but it’s only a small percentage of the people who would actually use the park. In the picture you can see it’s mostly the older skater community and there’s many more young kids that parents would bring to the skate park. Once we get this built, folk will come.”

The group is now looking to fund the proposed skatepark. Jillian said: “The deadline for the Legacy fund is July 1, and we’re just away to submit our application. It’s all happening right now. This is a crucial time for us in the funding process.

“That’s only one of the funding sources. We are looking at others as well. If we were successful with the Legacy 2014 Active Fund fund that would give us 50 per cent of our total which is why we are asking for help from other sources. We’re appealing for any local businesses or individuals who would like to make any donations or help us out in any way.

“This is something we need to open up the possibilities for. We’ve not really asked local businesses for help before, but once you have money in the pot you are more likely to get more people adding to it.”

Not content to sit on their haunches two of the members are taking on fund-raising projects themselves.

Jillian explained: “Scott Moreland is actually doing the charity boxing in the Community Centre tonight (Friday) for us. He’s raised about £400 for us, so a big thanks to him.

“Also, one of the older guys, Marc Burness, is organising a sponsored bungee jump and we are looking to get as many people as possible involved in that on August 18.

“We are wanting to fill a bus. Marc hopes to attract 50 plus people, the more the merrier! If we can get that many people we could raise thousands.”