Arbroath salon at the cutting edge

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Stylists from an Arbroath salon were rubbing shoulders with trend-setters and fashionistas at an exclusive London event last month.

The team from the Dream Hair salon swapped their usual premises at 18 Cairnie Street for the Sassoon Group’s high profile spring / summer 2013 launch on April 22.

In February the salon became part of the Sassoon Group which according to owner Marie Ramminger prompted their invitation to the exclusive event.

Marie said: “We were invited down because we are now part of the Sassoon Group. We were there for a couple of days training, learning about the new trends that are heating up this year

“The trend they set this year is called ‘Iconic’ which is going back to what Vidal Sassoon was all about.

“They are taking it right back to the start with the bobs and so on and putting a 2013 spin on it.

Marie was delighted that her team could be a part of the event which is at the cutting edge of the hair and beauty industry.

She said: “It’s probably one of the most exclusive events because they are the trend setters in the industry I would say, although I am a bit biased!

“It’s like my partners always say, ‘They might not know who you are but everyone knows who Vidal Sassoon was, whoever you are’.”

It will also mean that some of the style and glamour of the big city is likely to find its way into the hairstyles of their customers.

Marie continued: “It’s just fantastic for a small salon in a small town like Arbroath to be invited to something as exclusive as the Sassoon summer / autumn launch in London.

“Bringing that kind of experience into a small town salon is just fantastic and getting some of what’s going on in London up in Arbroath is very special.

“It makes me really proud to be part of that.”