Arbroath plans to make a splash on New Year’s Day!

THE ORGANISER of the 2012 Ne’er Day Dook hopes to outdo the success of last year’s inaugural dip.

The Ne’er Day Dook was first held last year and the 40 dookers raised over £2,000 for Cancer Research UK. Organiser Alana Louden is hopeful this year will be even bigger.

She said: “We hope to make it even more successful this year. Last year we had approximately 200 people watching and another 40 actually in the water.”

However, despite having sign-up and sponsorship forms Alana is still unsure exactly how many dookers will appear.

She said: “It’s a really difficult one to gauge. Everyone has to be signed up, but there are still a lot of forms out there. I think we have about 40 people again, but any more and I would be delighted.

“16 is the minimum age for health and safety reasons, but last year we had people of all ages.”

This year again, the funds raised will be donated to Cancer Research UK, Alana added: “Everyone taking part gets a Cancer Research t-shirt and a goody bag, quite a good bag actually.”

For those with an excess of bravery, fancy dress dooking is positively encouraged, Alana said: “We have Goldilocks and the three bears, and I will be a hula person, I’m not going to call myself a hula girl!”

For people planning on taking a last minute dip, Alana commented: “We’ve asked everyone to be at Gayfield by 1.30 p.m. on New Year’s Day at the latest, so we’re able to register people to start. There are also changing facilities there for people to get ready.

“Then we’ve got pipers to lead us from Gayfield to the slipway and then we all go into the water together.”

For anyone with frostbite concerns, Alana said: “It’s really quite a quick event, they get in then home for their own New Year celebrations.”

St Andrews ambulance service will be on hand, and volunteers from the Arbroath RNLI crew will be going into the water with the dookers, albeit slightly better prepared!

Alana said: “They’re going in with their survival suits on so they’ll be all cosy!”

She added: “The dook is a good laugh and really exhilarating. It’s an unusual way to start the New Year, and it’s also for such a good cause.”

“We’d love people to come along, it’s an open invitation. The majority of the people who went in last year had just turned up to watch.”