Arbroath p arking resolution

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The recent spate of parking infringements that have plagued the streets of Arbroath is swerving in the right direction.

Particular concern was raised around inconsiderate and potentially dangerous practices taking place outside of school gates.

Inverbrothock and Muirfield Primary Schools were targeted by a recent campaign started by local people affected by the selfish actions of others.

An action group pulled together by Councillor David Fairweather and representatives of the Education Department, Police Scotland, Transport Department and local residents have tried to tackle the issue head on. Increased patrols by police officers have improved the situation at the busiest times.

Concerned grandparent Bruce Stuart said: “When the yellow jackets are out in force at Muirfield Primary there is an almost 100 percent difference. People fully appreciate and understand the concerns. The problem will always be the others, who totally disregard it. The persistent offenders.

“It is a horrible thing to say but it is an accident waiting to happen.”

Councillor Fairweather said: “Angus Council have been working in cooperation with police. We have been up at the schools and are now monitoring the situation.

“Local officers are supporting it and have been out educating parents and carers. It is a step forward.”

Children are at the heart of this year’s Scottish Road Safety Week (SRSW) and Chief Superintendent Iain Murray, head of road policing, Police Scotland, said: “Everyone in Scotland has a part to play in keeping people safe on our roads, and a particular responsibility towards children - be they pedestrians, cyclists, or passengers in cars.

“It is essential we protect the most vulnerable members of our communities. As the nights get lighter and we move from spring and into summer, vulnerable road users, including children, are more at risk.”

There are now plans to put the matter of new road markings throughout the town before Angus Council.