Arbroath man’s success

Angus College student campaign officers, Katie Mew and Gary Paterson.

Angus College student campaign officers, Katie Mew and Gary Paterson.

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A former Angus College student has been honoured with election as student president of the University of Strathclyde.

Gary Paterson from Arbroath was elected to the position on Thursday evening at a special ceremony and will take office in the summer to represent Strathclyde’s 22,000 students over the next academic year.

Gary said: “I am thrilled to have been elected as President of Strathclyde Students Association, as one of Scotland’s largest student unions we have a real opportunity to make a difference both on our campus and the society around it. Angus College was a life changing experience for me, the lecturers and students continue to inspire me to this day and all I do has always been to defend and extend the transformative opportunity of education. If it wasn’t for those days campaigning for Angus students I would not be where I am today!

“I hope it goes to show that students really can make a difference by getting involved! As Strathclyde President I will be working to improve support and opportunities for students so no student is locked out of education or their potential.” Gary studied social science at Angus College and was instrumental in organising student opposition at Angus College to proposed government cuts to further education.