Arbroath lifeboat picks up jetskiers

ARBROATH all-weather lifeboat RNLB Inchcape was involved in the dramatic late afternoon rescue of two male jet-skiers in the Tay estuary on Sunday.

The incident unfolded just after lunchtime when the jet-ski the men were travelling on broke down. A companion who was riding on his own machine returned to shore and raised the alarm.

The Broughty Ferry lifeboat was quickly launched but on returning to the spot where the men had been left they could not be located. A major search and rescue operation was mounted immediately and a rescue helicopter was scrambled from RAF Boulmar.

After the search had found no sign of the missing pair, HM Coastguard requested assistance from Arbroath RNLI and at approximately 3.25 p.m. the all-weather lifeboat was launched.

The volunteer lifeboat crew from Arbroath took up their search around Carnoustie Bay towards Barry Buddon and on to Abertay Sands before heading in the direction of Tentsmuir Point. With daylight fading fast, the Arbroath lifeboat was in an area to the east of Abertay Sands at approximately 4.40 p.m. when one of the crew members heard a whistling sound.

They immediately made their way towards where they believed the whistling had come from and it was with great relief that the men were located in the water approximately 100 metres away. The pair were brought on board and the lifeboat crew administered first-aid to combat the effects of the freezing conditions in the water.

The rescue helicopter was summoned and winched both men from RNLB ‘Inchcape’ before transferring them to Ninewells Hospital.