Arbroath fireworks back with a bang!

In a dramatic turn of events the CrowdFunding campaign in support of the Arbroath fireworks display has smashed its target.

As we went to press on Thursday morning, the Fireworks for Arbroath CrowdFunder was still a few hundred pounds short of their £2000 goal and, with just over a day to make up the difference, it looked to be a shot in the dark as to whether the group would make it and take their pyrotechnic supplier up on their promise of an extra £1000 of fireworks if they completed the challenge.

But, after a last gasp effort on Facebook by the Fireworks For Arbroath committee, not only were the final funds found but they were able to stretch their target total to accommodate an additional £132 of donations.

By close of play on Friday evening a grand total of £2132 was raised through CrowdFunder for the Fireworks for Arbroath campaign.

As a result of meeting their target pyrotechnics supplier 21CC have promised an additional £1000 of fireworks for free.

Even with admin fees deducted from the campaign, which ran on the ‘keep what you earn’ principle, the campaign has received a very healthy boost indeed.

Fireworks For Arbroath chair Karren Cuthill explained: “If everybody’s pledge goes through as it should, it should leave us with £1993.42 after fees.

“We would like to thank all of our sponsor businesses - The KoKo Bean, Blackadders LLP, and Q-Ticlez & Tan’z, all of our pledgers, the Arbroath Herald, Shelley Hague from Angus Council’s External Funding Team who has been on board since the beginning, and all of the people who have supported us during this campaign.

“It’s definitely going ahead, without a shadow of a doubt.”

The next step is for Karren and her team to contact all of the pledgers who went for the options allowing them to send a wish up in a rocket or who entered the draw to push the ‘Big Red Button’.

There were 20 pledgers signed up for the chance to push the ‘Big Red Button’ and the draw will be made at the fireworks fundraising quiz on Saturday, October 3, 7 for 7.30pm in Arbroath United Cricket Club, Lochlands.

Entry is £10 per team of four and will give a good starter for next year’s fund.

Arrangements are in the final phases as Karren explained: “On the day of the CrowdFunder launch [August 25] there was a safety event meeting in the evening with Angus Council and the Police, a multidisciplinary meeting.

A few points from that were picked up that need to be brought forward, some formalities that are all in hand.

“Thanks ever so much, again, to everybody, we would ask people to bear with us while we sort out the paperwork and get everything sorted out.”

The committee hope to encourage as many people as possible to come along to the fireworks display at Inchcape Park, 6.30 for 7pm on Saturday, November 7.

By setting up an official and safe display they hope to minimise unsafe fireworks practices and do something positive for the community.

The committee have also deliberately chosen an area of Inchcape Park far away from anywhere used by dog walkers and hope to minimise any disruption to those with pets, for which they can only apologise in advance.