Arbroath Abbey Timethemes welcomes new blood

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ARBROATH’S very own historical reenactment society announced this week that their latest recruitment drive had been a success.

It was reported in the Arbroath Herald recently that the activities of Arbroath Abbey Timethemes could be seriously curtailed due to a lack of funding and members.

Chair of the group Geoff Bray launched an appeal for more historically-minded Lichties to swell their ranks of medieval knights, lords and clergy, and has met with some success.

He said: “I would like to thank all who responded so positively to the article regarding the participation of Arbroath Abbey Timethemes. At our first meeting and rehearsal on Sunday, four new participants took part, whom I hope will take on full membership of the group.

“Also, Arbroath Round Table members have also offered possible help, which could include a variety of roles.

“With a possible 36 plus people involved, in both performing and non-performing roles, I am glad to say that we shall be able to provide in the limited area and time available to us, a representation worth coming along for.”

On April 6 at precisely 1320 hours in the Abbey forecourt they will re-enact the historic meeting of Robert the Bruce and Abbot Bernard de Linton and the signing of the Declaration of Arbroath in 1320.

However, the group was unable to secure further funding, although Mr Bray remains optimistic. He said: “My only regret is that Historic Scotland have not granted permission for this event to actually take place in front of the High Altar in the Abbey.

“Further, as had been hoped for in the past, several night-time performances within the Abbey as was last undertaken in 2005, will probably never happen again due to spiralling costs and lack of funding availability, but one can only hope!”