Application for filling station

MOTORISTS who complain about the price of fuel might take some comfort from a planning application submitted to Angus Council infrastructure services department during the past week by Asda in Arbroath.

They are seeking permission to construct a two-pump, fully-automated petrol filling station at Westway Retail Park.

The matter has yet to be considered. And if permission is given, the hope is it could lead to a petrol and diesel price war involving the suppliers in the town.

An Asda spokeswoman stated: “Asda have submitted a planning application for a petrol station in Arbroath. The AA confirms when there is an Asda petrol station in town, everybody else lowers their prices.

“That’s because we are the only petrol retailer to have a national price cap guaranteeing a fair fuel price for our customers.”

A spokesman for the Royal Burgh of Arbroath Community Council stated: “We believe that an Asda petrol station would be ideal for the town, offering a higher degree of competition and also perhaps drawing a higher number of footfalls into Arbroath.

“The filling station would be great for Carnoustie residents also who for a number years have been without a petrol station.

“If the facility is to be manned then there is also the benefit of additional jobs.

“It is all good news for Arbroath and the surrounding area.”