Another Hell’s kitchen!

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Another Arbroath couple has come forward with a tale of woe having fallen foul of a bankrupt rogue kitchen-fitting firm.

The Spinks last year shelled out over £10,000 with Calibre Kitchens for a new kitchen at their Kinnaird Street home, but it has been blunder after blunder since work began on June 30.

According to Mr Alex Spink they were prompted to come forward by recent coverage in the Herald of Mr and Mrs Paton who were also stung by the company.

Mr Spink said: “When we read about that other couple we had to let them know they were not the only ones that had problems, it was just a stressful situation from start to finish.

“We are very lucky considering. Our kitchen is nothing compared to theirs, we just want to support them.”

The couple have not heard from Calibre Kitchens since shortly before Christmas when director Andy Spence was in touch about their final payment on the kitchen of more than £2,000, but in the meantime the firm appears to have closed its doors.

They refused to pay because of a litany of issues with the kitchen, including - temperamental underfloor heating, a weak extractor fan, water damage requiring the replacement of a worktop twice and a faulty sink.

He added: “The microwave was fitted without ventilation and when we complained a joiner was sent round and began drilling holes in the cupboard above!

“We’ve still got things that don’t work. It’s just been a stress. I don’t like my kitchen, but it looks beautiful, but I can‘t enjoy it because it has caused me so much stress.

“It’s been a learning curve for us, we do need other work done in our house and had wanted to use local traders but now we are a bit wary.”

Jim and Doreen Paton, who were taken for over £13,000 and left with an unusable kitchen by Calibre Kitchens, met with Arbroath Councillor Alex King on Saturday. Mr Paton said: “He told us that really nothing that can be done because they’re protected. It would need a change in the law which could take seven or eight years.

“The more people that we can get to come forward the better it would be.”

Earlier this week the Patons received a letter from Angus Council Trading Standards department with regards to their issues with Calibre Kitchens following the Herald’s recent coverage.

The council officer wrote: “There are two limited companies that traded from the address at East Grimsby. I have checked the online register for Companies House today (February 13) and Calibre Kitchens Ltd are marked as ‘active’, whereas Design and Build (Tayside) Ltd are marked as ‘active - proposal to strike off’.

“No enforcement action can be taken by Trading Standards at this time however, if a person involved in a failed business sets up in business again and complaints are received, then enforcement action can be taken if a pattern of problems are identified over time.”